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NameFrederick Barnes
OccupationSenior lecturer / researcher in computer science (parallel computing / concurrency)
EyesTwo, spherical
InterestsComputers, specifically parallel computing (occam/CSP/transputers/multicore/distributed), operating-systems and programming; Free Software and GNU; others, cars + bikes (got an A-stamp on the (clean) license)
SkillsLinux, C/C++, occam/occam-pi, Java, UNIX, DOS, Assembler (x86,MIPS,RISC,Sparc,T800/T9000,AVR,ARM), Delphi, Windows, X11 (Xlib/Intrinsics), PHP, JS, others
Qualifications/ThingsPh.D. in computer science, B.Sc (hons) in computer science (1st), Usual GCSEs and A-Levels, licensed radio amateur (M1FRB), postgraduate certificate in higher education (PGCHE), Member of the Association for Computing Machinary (ACM), Member of the British Computer Society (BCS), Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
Post-nominals (UK)B.Sc. (hons), Ph.D., PGCHE, MBCS, FHEA, MIET

This page is basically a load of waffle about myself, and what I like doing, don't like doing, etc... (a very unprofessional CV almost). If you want my CV, mail me and I'll send you a postscript copy.

Things I do
(all integrated into my inherently complex time-management system and in no particular order)

Used to do these things too:

Migration plan

Degree stuff

Ph.D. thesis title is ``Dynamics and Pragmatics for High Performance Concurrency''. You can download this from the publications page.

Incase you want to employ me at some point :-) here's the stuff I did in my final year: "theory of prgramming", "search, optimisation and constraints" (prolog basically), "types and computation" (lambda calci and type theory), "embedded systems", "computer graphics and visulisation", "distributed systems", and wgbuilder for our final-year project. Probably less relevant now.

Future intentions


Fuzzy picture of me
That's a fairly realistic image (from a webcam experiment)
stortrooper piccy
stortrooper piccy
other mugshot
another mugshot. Context here and here.
climbing mugshot
me climbing in the Lake District (Bowderstone Crag, Woden's Crack Variant)
(and botching it due to lack of suitable hexes/cams ;-)).

Um, well, that pretty unrealistic now; I did the hair cut thing ;-).

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