Crumble (the cat) and Friends

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Crumble the Cat

This page is for our cat, Crumble, who hasn't learnt to use a computer and write HTML yet. We got him from a local cat sanctuary almost a year ago, and he's settled down quite nicely now :-).


Although he mostly enjoys cat biscuits and meats, Crumble has happily also eaten the following:

Crumble's diet has become more limited recently after having most of his teeth removed (at great expense, but he's a lot happier for it). Things don't get chewed so much anymore..


We thought Crumble was a bit lonely so got him some friends, Rhubarb and Custard, as two kittens from a local RSPCA centre.

Rhubarb the Cat Custard the Cat

We've also got a dog called Biscuit (though I don't have a decent photo to hand!), a guinea-pig called Cracker and a hamster called Waffle. No more pets please, we're full!

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