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This is where I'm going to park images from my USB webcam thing, but it's not a real-time thing. I'll just update the image every now and then. Look at the timestamps for an idea of how old they are. See stuff on the links page for links to bits of software I've used. The camera is a Philips PVC690K (Vesta Pro Scan) USB webcam, which cost me ~70 UKP from dabs and comes with a funky tripod.


I'm mostly crap when it comes to arty things, but here are some efforts at animation (!):

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frog assult fred and tariq
Mr. Froggy being chased by the emperor's forces The duck ate all the cheesecake, honest guv
pizzacam code-monkey
The pizza suffered a small cooking accident at the hands of slightly drunken students.
Most of the pizza got eaten fortunately, perhaps..
The code-monkey was spotted at the terminal..

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