MESH - Messaging and Scheduling on Commodity Platforms

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About MESH

MESH is a system for messaging and scheduling on commodity platforms (PCs). The messaging system within MESH supports low-latency, high-throughput data transfer for the the following boards:

I (Fred Barnes) am currently maintaining the software, with help from Marc Dobson, Anders Wannanen and Marcel Boosten. Marcel Boosten originally developed the software as part of his PhD, based on a scheduler written by James Moores. Emil Knezo worked on an SMP version, which has now been incorporated into the code.

In order to use MESH, you will need a pentium PC or better, and one of the above ethernet cards if you wish to use the messaging functionality. Note that Linux must not be using the card for it to work with MESH (see problems below). The link driver will automatically determine which NICs are available for use with MESH.

Copyleft: MESH is released under the GNU Public License, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

Download MESH

The following files form the major part of MESH:

In addition, you will need to patch your Linux kernel for bigphysarea support. For serious use, around 16MB of bigphysarea is recommended, although MESH will suffice with less. The currently available patches (to a previously unpatched kernel) are:

Note that the 2.3.x kernel patches (they're on the linux page) also contain the pset patches in addition to the bigphysarea patch. Information about psets (processor sets) can be found here. It is included since I used psets on my multi-processor system, where those particular patches were generated. Some browsers may attempt to drop the .gz extension when downloading the compressed versions of the patches; be aware of this.

MESH related links

Here are some MESH related links for your viewing pleasure. I am not responsible for these pages, so please mail the relevant authors if you think there is a problem.

Contacting the MESH team

For general queries regarding MESH, please use, indicating the nature of the query in the subject line. If you require a bigphysarea patch for a specific kernel version not included above, please contact Fred or Anders.

Known problems

There is a problem with initialisation if Linux has previously ifconfig'd an interface up. Both the Intel and Tigon drivers fail. The Intel driver fails with an EEPROM checksum error, the Tigon driver fails when talking to the CPUs. The precise mechanisms of why this fails aren't clearly understood yet, but are being investigated.

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