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Software patents

NO to software patents - come to brussels on 14 april

Ctrl-Alt-Del sillyness

Every time I sit down at a windoze 2k box (the Uni use these in public PC rooms, lecture theaters, etc.), there's this pretty login screen thing, with ``Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to begin.'' written on it, and below, ``Ctrl-Alt-Del helps keep your password secure. Click Help for more information.''. Hmm, interesting, so click the ``Help'' button, and up pops a little information window. The text shown here is:

To log on, press the Delete key while holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys. This key combination is recognized only by Windows, so pressing it before logging on ensures that you are giving your password only to Windows.

This applies only to your Windows or domain password. Passwords associated with Web pages or specific applications will not require you to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

The first paragraph (2nd sentence) amuses me the most, given that its pretty much complete rubbish.

Pressing a shift key five times pops something else up (about ``sticky-keys''); discovered after unblanking a screen 5 times using the shift key..

Keyboard woes

I do a lot of typing, so keyboards are important. It's a bit dissapointing when things go wrong however.. I've now got a Micro$loth internet-enabled keyboard, which is pretty good for the most part (and the optical-pro mouse is pretty cool too), but the keyboard suffers from a nasty problem where it gets stuck in some sort of shift-state. I've seen other people have this problem too, so here is a solution when it gets stuck:

press left-shift 4 then right-shift ; (as if to type $:). Type it quickly to get some overlap in the shift-keys.

Updated 13/04/2004: Got a new IBM MF-II keyboard, so using that now :-)


Sun Party
Taken from The Times (IT suppliment) 25th Nov 1998.

Beastly things

I've had to move this off the page since it was slowing my X-server down. A lot. For the ledgendary black beast click here.

Bloody French..

Serious mis-portrayal of the English by the French:

Linux advert

linux advert


some restistors
These are some resistors. I bought a load for the little embedded micro-controller I've built. I think this gave one of my fabric/design-oriented friends some ideas.. ;-)

Something theoretical


Dumb question

are you alright ?

Mr. Froggy's Bit

This is Mr. Froggy's bit of web space, cos he sits around and is bored mostly.
Mr. Froggy


Irritating microsoft word paper-clip thing

The other image I had here was copyright, without permission, so I've removed it. Apologies to Steve Kremer for that, I hadn't realised. However, you may amuse yourself with the image on this (that) site.

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