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Virtual CDs

In an attempt to collate some tunes. Please excuse the lame artwork ;-).

Fred's lame artwork
  1. Forever Music (14:07, 18.49 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  2. Overcurrents (5:19, 7.66 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  3. Moon Dance (6:30, 9.3 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  4. Walking Home (1:54, 1.75 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  5. One Step Forever (4:34, 6.63 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  6. One Step Between (pre4) (11:22, 15.7 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  7. Final Step 2 (pre4) (4:07, 5.5 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  8. Rainy Day (pre2) (5:08, 6.44 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  9. Oddments (3:36, 4.62 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  10. Final Step 2 (7:11, 9.61 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)
  11. Crystal Worlds (10:52, 12.95 M) MPEG layer 3 format (VBR)


Having [not that] recently gotten myself a nice Korg Triton Rack: (and kitted out with various EXB-PCM sound modules; still wishing for an EXB-MOSS and EXB-SCSI!)


Trackers and tracking rock. For many years (earliest timestamp is August 1994, just after my GCSEs), I've been messing around with trackers. Not many tunes have made it into the world though... What's on here is a start though. My tracking isn't very quick, so things will appear very slowly.. (and most of them are probably unfinished, but heyho. probably ??, definitely more like ;)).

My preferred player is MikMod. It's simple and it works. Win-Amp should be able to play modules as well. XMMS needs the MikMod plugin I think. After having listened to the IT module through Win-Amp, I'd suggest you don't. It can't get the pitches right -- winamp is broken. Apparently it should have better luck with the S3M version.

To handle the compatability issue, most of these are now emerging as MP3. Recent tunes are written using Sound-tracker, an excellent GTK-based tracker for Linux (and others), and encoded using lame.

Of related interest is s3m2xm, that converts S3M (screamtracker) files to XM (fasttracker/soundtracker) files. There are also some tracking related links.

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