Various random pictures

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Here are some various random images courtesy of the EP-ATR webcam thing

Random images

dave in officefred + dave in lab
Dave in the officeFred and Dave in the lab. (Dave has just upgraded his terminal from a Z80)
fred's deskoldish piccy of fred
Fred's desk (yes, this office has no real light)An old picture of Fred in the office
Emil:of course it worksSome 100-TX/1000-SX BATM switches
The GP-MIMD machine (64 * T9000)An open GP-MIMD machine (yes, I want this computer)
atm bitsatm switch
Close-up of an ATM switchAn ATM switch (with other bits bobs etc.)
Side angle on the GP-MIMDNetWiz 32-port 100 MBit switch (can plug more into the box)
ethernet testerdigital logic analyser
An ethernet tester board (thing in the bottom-right)A lovely HP digital logic analyser

People mugshots

Fred BarnesMarc Dobson
Emil KnezoFrank Saka
Alexis LestraDave Reeve
Micheal LeVine

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