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Latest is wgocc-0.9.5 (requires wg-0.9.8)


This page contains the WG/occam bindings, that allows KRoC/Linux to use WG's gadgets. This is largely a joint-effort between Jonathan Stott and myself. The latest kroc releases (1.3.3-preX) are required to use this. Example applications include a simple test, a dynamic framed-button-row and the classic fireworks demo.

Note: this page is not publically linked yet.



Things that are sort of working at the moment are:

WGWindowtop-level window
WGPanelsimple panel gadget
WGButtonsimple button gadget
WGEditstandard edit-box
WGLabelsimple label gadget
WGCanvasgeneric drawing canvas (buffered)


wg-occam test application wg-occam fireworks application

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